Shukhi Poribar means healthy family in the Bengali language.

We want to help Christians, particularly Pastors and Ministers, to have a healthy family life.

Like other countries in Asia, Bangladesh has very strict gender roles and these traditional roles often mean that women are seen as less valuable than their husbands. Many women are limited by societies perceptions of them, and in their role as a wife are shown very little encouragement or love. Within this setting, children grow up witnessing parents who don’t communicate well with each other and rarely profess their love for each or for them. Even in Christian homes, it is not uncommon to hear of husbands being physically abusive towards their wives, and holding unrealistic expectations of their children.  In this culture, people rarely learn about marriage or parenting, and the idea of instilling Godly values in one's children is not taught in many Churches.

We believe men and women were created as equally valuable by God. We are keen to encourage Christians, particularly those in leadership, to create a biblical culture within their homes. It is not a unique problem to Bangladesh that many pastors see their ministries as more important than their families, and we are keen to challenge this idea.

We organize practical and relevant training seminars and conferences for a wide variety of denominations, organizations, Churches and people groups . We also translate resources in to the Bengali language as there are few Christian marriage resources in Bangladesh. With the growing want for such training in Bangladesh we are looking at ways to expand our reach.

If you have any questions about our Marriage Seminars, or would like to partner with us as we develop this programme we'd love to hear from you. Please email us through our contact page. We really appreciate your support.