Smart Kids Center was set up to serve children living in the slum areas of Bangladesh's capital Dhaka.

At SEED, we believe that every individual is important and worth helping. Our ethos is that each individual that is helped can be empowered to help a hundred others and that hundreds can change a nation. Our desire at SKC is to bring together a group of smart children to dream a brighter and different future. 

The center looks after 7 young boys, aged from 6 to 14. Whilst the boys still live with their families, SEED sponsors them through school, covering the costs of tuition, books and uniform. The boys attend SKC every day after school, where they are provided with a hot meal, and are able to engage with SKC's programme of extra curricular activities and receive help with their homework.

Smart Kids Center is run by a number of young volunteers who are engaged in our student sponsorship programme. We sponsor these young people through university and provide them with accommodation at the Smart Kids Center. In return, these young people volunteer their time and skills to love, support and educate the boys attending SKC. Please help us to continue supporting these boys.

The future

Our prayer for the boys that attend SKC is that we will have the resources to be able to continue supporting them all through their teenage years and into further education. We hope by helping them to secure good jobs and good futures, they in turn will give back to their communities. We hope to see these boys achieving great things despite the many obstacles they face everyday. 

We'd also love to be able to open other Smart Kids Centers.  We invite you to join us in praying for these things.